Academy Pointe HOA
Denver, Colorado
Chris Stange
Ph: 503-757-2244
Original offer $800,000.00, settled for: $2,340,000.00

Little Turtle HOA
Aurora, Colorado
Danielle Loquercio
Ph: 303-755-2738
Original offer $340,000.00, settled for: $2,950,000.00

Palmer Properties, commercial buildings
Fort Collins, Colorado
Spiro Palmer
Ph: 970-204-4000
Original offer $518,000.00, settled for $1,680,000.00

Columbine Hills Church
Littleton, Colorado
Pastor Jim Finch
Ph: 303-978-0331
Original offer $0.00, settled for: $770,000.00

Morgan Management, apartment complex
Houston, TX
Kevin Morgan
Ph: 585-419-9630
Original offer $200,000.00, settled for: $1,918,000.00

Watergate Condominium Association
Hollywood, FL
Larry Wicklund
Ph: 954-608-9550
Original offer $275,000.00, settled for: $2,400,000.00

Word of Life Community Church
Mobile, AL
Dr. Henry Roberts
Ph: 251-456-2652
Original offer: $164,000.00, settled for: $1,570,000.00

Phillips AOH Church of God
Mobile, AL
Bishop George Ayers
Ph: 251-473-8312
Original offer: $185,000.00, settled for: $1,300,000.00

Community of Faith / Dominion Development
Houston, TX
Bishop James Dixon
Ph: 713-907-9512
Original offer $24,000.00, settled for: $817,540.00

St. Louis Missionary Baptist Church
Mobile, AL
Rev. W.J. Perry Sr.
Ph: 251-438-3823
Original offer: $17,000.00, settled for: $129,417.00

Angels of Zion
Mobile, AL
Pastor Beard
Ph: 251-476-4065
Original offer $0.00, settled for: $132,782.00

Greater Allenville Church of God
Whistler, AL
Bishop Richard Curtis
Ph: 251-457-0454
Original offer: $5,000.00, settled for: $128,593.00

Lovejoy Temple
Mobile, AL
Bishop Freddy Lee Davis
Ph: 251-456-7353
Original offer: $0.00, settled for: $263,593.00

All Saints Anglican Church
Houston, TX
Forster Duru
Ph: 713-776-9300
Original offer $16,000.00, settled for: $257,000.00

New Home Ministries
Hammond, LA
Rev. Darrell Phoenix
Ph: 985-542-5307
Original offer $150,000.00, settled for: $638,436.00

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