We communicate with your insurance company:

One of the most frustrating parts of any insurance claim is tracking down and getting  the insurance company adjuster on the phone, or having them return your phone call or email.  Now that you are represented by WOLFE LAW GROUP, we are the ones that communicate with the insurance company adjuster.  For over 30 years   we have been getting nearly immediate responses from insurance adjusters and their supervisors.  We demand a complete copy of all communications that transpired before our involvement and we document their prior lack of response to  you. This may establish  an unreasonable delay pattern that you might wish to pursue after your claim is resolved. (Possible double damages).   

We fully evaluate your claim:

If you are represented by a Public Adjuster, we will work hand in hand with them to uncover all of the damages that your are entitled to claim for your loss. At WOLFE LAW GROUP we have personally inspected so many claims that we can usually find damage that even the most well trained eye can miss. If you do not have a public adjuster, we will recommend one who is experienced in your type of claim and who has proven to us that they are capable, available, ready and willing to work with us without delay on your claim. The fee for their services is contingent and is usually 10% of the amount collected on the claim. Their contract and fee is separate from the agreement that you signed with our law firm.

We present your claim to the insurance company:

By the time we get involved, you and your public adjuster or contractor has already submitted some estimates for the repair of your property to your insurance company. Shortly after WOLFE LAW GROUP is retained, we evaluate and if necessary, work with your Public Adjuster or contractor to edit the estimates to reflect all of the damage that we intend to claim. Once the estimates are finalized, we submit them to the insurance company. Normally once we get involved, the file is transferred to the insurance company adjuster’s supervisor or even the insurance company attorney for a response. By having your claim brought to this higher level at the insurance company, we start dealing with the decision makers and no more time is wasted dealing with the low level adjuster who does not have authority to settle your claim.

We are by your side during the investigation: 

Once you file a claim, it is very common for the insurance company to request that you give a recorded statement or examination under oath. A recorded statement is usually informal and sometimes done over the phone. Do not be fooled by this informal interaction. The questions asked by the insurance company adjuster may seem simple, but could be worded in a way that cause you to give an answer, that could jeopardize your claim. Under no circumstances should you give a recorded statement without Mr. Wolfe by your side. An examination under oath is usually taken by an attorney for the insurance company and is more formal. There is a court reporter there to take down everything you say. With Mr. Wolfe’s counsel, you will be properly prepared for this testimony and Mr. Wolfe will make sure that the insurance company attorney asks only relevant and appropriate questions related to your claim.

Expect back up from the best experts:

If your claim involves damage to your roof, windows, siding or other big-ticket items, the insurance company will send an engineer to your property to inspect the damage and write a report. This is usually the extent of their “experts”. Since in 99% of the cases we have seen over the years, the insurance company engineer’s report says that your property was not damaged by the event that you are claiming (i.e. hailstorm, fire, water damage, etc.), it will be necessary for you to hire your own engineer to rebut the report from the insurance company’s engineer. WOLFE LAW GROUP only works with engineers that are ethical and extremely experienced in your type of damage. In addition to presenting a detailed and scientifically sound report of their findings, your engineer will point out in his report all of the false and misleading information contained in the insurance company engineer’s report.  In addition to qualified engineers, WOLFE LAW GROUP will recommend architects, construction consultants, environmental hygienists and a host of other experts depending on the type of damage you sustained. The cost for these experts are the responsibility of the client and they are non-contingent.


In the event that you and your insurance company cannot agree on a settlement figure, one of the options that you have, is to submit your claim through the appraisal process. This procedure, which is outlined in your insurance policy, states that you and your insurance company hire independent appraisers to evaluate the damage. If these two appraisers cannot agree on the value of your loss, they submit their differences to an Umpire who will make the call. At WOLFE LAW GROUP, we have found the appraisal process to be extremely helpful in getting clams settled for the right amount. One of Mr. Wolfe’s most important jobs in representing you , is to make sure that the Umpire agreed to is fair, unbiased and it not tied to, nor influenced by any insurance company, in any way. The appraisers that Mr. Wolfe will recommend, will be among the best in the insurance industry and will have a long proven track record of success. The cost for the appraiser will be an hourly charge and will be the your responsibility. The cost for the Umpire is split equally between you and the insurance company.


At WOLFE LAW GROUP, we recognize that tying up your claim in the court system for several years , does not help get your damaged property repaired. We do everything in our power to get every claim settled for an amount that, after fees, leaves enough money for the client to repair all of the damage. However, sometimes it is necessary to file suit against the client’s insurance company as they on rare occasions flat out deny or will not properly pay the claim. If this is necessary, WOLFE LAW GROUP will keep you informed of every development and will require your participation from time to time. You, not the attorneys, have the final say on any settlement and no discussions of resolution will take place without your approval and consent.

This outline should not be considered legal advice and is provided as a general outline of what to expect by hiring WOLFE LAW GROUP.


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