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At Wolfe Law Group, We offer nationwide representation on catastrophe and all other property damage claims.

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Hurricanes / Tropical Storms:  If your home or business was damaged by the winds and rain of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm, most people do not realize the second disaster can be dealing with your insurance company.  You may face an inexperienced adjuster, a supervisor that denies part of your claim, and for certain, unnecessary delays in getting your insurance proceeds.  At WOLFE LAW GROUP we will do everything in our power to help you get to the front of the line at your insurance company and get your claim settled, in full and as fast as possible.

Tornados:  The devastating effects of tornado damage are usually coupled with the heartbreaking reality of how quickly, your life can literally, be turned upside down.  There is usually very little warning and no time to prepare for this disaster.  At WOLFE LAW GROUP we are committed to helping you get your life back together quickly, during this very stressful and emotional time.

Hail Damage:  Hail damage to your windows and siding are usually visible right after the storm.  However, hail damage to your roof may not present itself for quite some time.  Most people do not go on their roofs after a storm and the first sign of damage is when the roof starts leaking during the next rainy season.  Your insurance company will probably tell you that you have no damage and if you do, it is due to “wear and tear”.  Do not settle for this nonsense.  If you do have hail damage from a particular storm, we at WOLFE LAW GROUP, along with our team of experts will prove what was in deed damaged, and what the insurance company needs to replace.

Fire and Smoke Damage:  Whether your home or business was damaged by a kitchen fire or a nearby wildfire, you will need to prove your damages.  Fire is the first cause of damage.  Smoke and soot is the second.  Then the fire department douses your property with water and tramples through your property.  How do you prove all of your damages?  How do you get compensated for all of your contents that cannot be properly cleaned?  How do you get money up front to move out and into a safe and clean location?  At WOLFE LAW GROUP, we will answer all of your questions and assist you in getting you fully compensated by your insurance company as quickly as possible.

Water damage / Pipe breaks:  When water enters your home or business from a roof leak or pipe break, it can cause major damage very quickly.  After you call someone to clean up the mess, you need to check your insurance policy.  There are many exclusions regarding water damage and you might not be able to collect.  Your insurance adjuster will point to an exclusion and tell you there is no coverage for your damages.  Do not take his or her word for this.  Call us at WOLFE LAW GROUP so we can review your policy along with the facts surrounding your damage.  We will let you know if your are covered and then we will assist you in getting your claim paid as quickly as possible.

Flooding:  If your home or business experiences flood damage from rising water, your only source of compensation would be if you purchased a Flood Insurance Policy, separate from your homeowners or regular business insurance policy.  These policies are governed by the Federal Government and have strict guidelines and deadlines that must be followed or you may receive nothing on your claim.  At WOLFE LAW GROUP we will guide you through the process and help you expedite your flood claim.

Burglary / Theft / Vandalism:  When your property or possessions are stolen or destroyed by someone else, you need to prove what needs to be replaced.  Very often people underestimate the value of their claim by not accounting for items that they simply forgot they had.  At WOLFE LAW GROUP we will assist you in documenting everything for your claim and if the insurance company casts you in a suspicious light surrounding the items disappearance, we will be by your side every step of the way to prove your claim.

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